Ana sayfa Haberler Test Your Knowledge on Football Rules

Test Your Knowledge on Football Rules

Football is among the most popular and most followed sports in the world. Although millions of dollars are spent in industrial football, many people and football referee do not really have full knowledge of the rules of the game.

There are already changes in football rules by the FIFA every year. In recent times, there have been major changes in the world football such as offside rule and goal line technologies. In addition, many countries have implemented the system (Video assistant referee).

I would like to recommend a very useful application for football enthusiasts, football coaches and football referrers who are curious about the rules of football game. I coincided with this application and used it much.

You can download and use the app for free on iPhone. As with the exams on the world football referees, there are multiple choice questions in the form of tests alongside the true-false questions. The football game rules book and other documents are also for free in the application. Click on the App Store link below to download it.



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